As the GOP Administration announces a rollback of car efficiency standards set by the Obama administration, the GOP leadership continues to be out of step with the will of the people. A recent poll by Gallup shows a significant shift in the attitude of Americans about the tradeoffs between the environment and the economy.  Now US citizens believe that the environment is the first priority even if it reduces some economic growth.

Sources: Gallup, The Wall Street Journal, The Daily Shot – 4/3/18

The shift in concerns about the environment over the economy started in 2014 until today where an overwhelming majority 57 % of Americans say the environment is the first priority even at the risk of curbing economic growth.

Next Steps:

The environment is a non-partisan issue actually, if we don’t have clean water, air or land on our planet we won’t be able to survive here.  This administration has taken giant steps backward by withdrawing from the Paris Climate Treaty, relaxing clean water standards for coal producing area streams, allowing energy and mining on protected wilderness lands, opening ocean protected areas to oil drilling and now rolling back car mileage goals. It is time for all Americans to make their will known to our elected leaders in Congress and the White House by requiring our politicians pass laws that reflect the will of the people over the short term goals of energy, mining and car manufacturers who don’t seem to care enough about our survival. We have noted the lack of scientific or intelligent policy making in the recent EPA decision to not use generally accepted research or data to make policy decisions. The EPA positions on our health, the environment and priorities to protect our people are totally one hundred and eighty degrees out of sync with the will of the people and must change – now!