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This site is dedicated to helping you understand what is happening in the political economy (who wins, loses and how), and ideas on how to change it and take action.

We offer you insights in blogs, evidence for seeing patterns and trends, ways to take action, links to others working on the problem to collaborate, and a forum for dialog to find solutions.

Our focus is on evidenced based journalism.  In this world where falsehoods are closely held by political leaders it becomes even more important to shine a light in the darkness.

The site is organized for easy access:

About Us: orientation to to our mission, site, our approach to change things and best use of the site resources

Econ Watchthis set of economic indicators provides all of us with insights based on mostly hard data (soft data is noted) to base policy decisions.  Policy ideas are proposed as well to kick off dialog on how to change the present trends. Daily trend shifts are noted in 26 sections and over 125 charts from the Hidden Economy to Student Debt.

Insight Bytesoffers short insights into mainstream media topics of the day, with an evidence and data based perspective, plus next steps and links for further information and groups that are engaged in the issue.

Blog: posts spotlight key issues in building a better democracy and political economy in a easy to read format:  The View – an abstract of the topic story and actions,  The Story – the full discussion and evidence, The Action – how to take action to change what is happening on this topic. Here is our latest post:

Golden Years In Jeopardy, Guaranteed Retirement Program Needed

For quick reading just go to The View and you can get the point of this story, and ideas on what to do about it.

Research: evidence on our site, links to other sites, posted data, policy center research, government research, links to analysis and articles relevant to our discussion

Actionsuggested action steps, links to action groups or centers, programs and initiatives you may want to join.

FAQ: answers to questions that we think many of you many have, and to make the site more valuable in your political activities.

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