Having insights is not enough, here are key groups, policy change centers, and initiatives to engage or join:

Brand New Congress – a spinoff group of former Bernie Sanders campaign workers focused on congressional races in 2018, they plan a national campaign, with non – politicians running to build a New Congress that works for the people.

Citizens For Responsibility and Ethics in Government – CREW is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization composed of a group of lawyers, researchers, and communicators. Their focus is on the negative impact of money in politics, yet they take direct action to ensure accountability for those who abuse the political system and to change that system for the better. The CREW team includes: Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe, University of California-Irvine Law School Dean Erwin Chermerinsky and Fordham University law professor Zephyr Teachout, as well as Supreme Court litigator Deepak Gupta.

Citizens for Tax Justice – Citizens for Tax Justice, founded in 1979, is a 501(c)(4) public interest research and advocacy organization focusing on federal, state and local tax policies and their impact upon our nation. CTJ’s mission is to give ordinary people a greater voice in the development of tax laws.

Civic Ventures – founded by Nick Hanauer, entrepreneur (sold aQauntive for $6.4B), venture capitalist, co-author (True Patriot and Gardens of Democracy) has focused on income inequality issues with advocacy programs in Seattle, Washington State and the U.S.

Clean Slate Now Action – advocates for reforms of our campaign funding system and on behalf of candidates who will fight for these needed reforms, including candidates pledging to not accept support of special interest groups PACs.

Common Cause – founded in 1970, to bring accountability to government, with 475,000 members and 36 local state affiliates. John Gardner, Common Cause’s founder, wrote that, “The citizen can bring our political and governmental institutions back to life, make them responsive and accountable and keep them honest. No one else can.”

Congressional Progressive Caucus – comprised of one Senator and 75 Representatives seeks to give voice to the needs and aspirations of all Americans and to build a more just and humane society based on the Progressive Promise of core principles: fighting for economic justice and security for all; protecting and preserving our civil rights and civil liberties; promoting global peace and security; and advancing environmental protection and energy independence.

CREDO Action: is a social change network of 4 million activists, made possible by the revenues of their mobile phone company, CREDO Mobile, CREDO focuses on progressive causes.

Democracy for America – founded by Gov. Howard Dean in 2004, with 1 million members to build and empower progressive grassroots efforts to take back our democracy from corporations and the wealthy.  DFA’s electoral organizing is firmly rooted in Dean’s “50 State Strategy” — to support progressive candidates and build progressive infrastructure in blue states, red states, and purple states (via Purple to Blue).

Inequality.org – a non-profit project of the Institute for Public Policy, focusing on advocacy, and research on wealth inequality in the United States. They provide research, studies, a weekly newsletter, political campaigns and advocacy training to activists interested in bringing an end to income inequality.

MoveOn.org – a progressive advocacy group, 700,000 members, two organizations – Move On Civic Organization – a non profit focused on education, and supporting the development of grassroots leaders  Move On Political Action – a federal political action committee (PAC), receiving donations from thousands of members averaging $20, focused on helping members elect candidates that reflect their values.

Progressive Business Owners – the FB group is for progressive business owners to discuss progressive issues, support each other, possibly do business with each other, and demonstrate to the public that some businesses are in support of workers needs, the environment, economic just and other progressive values.

Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) – Founded in 2009 by Adam Green, a former MoveOn online organizer and Democratic party communications worker, and Stephanie Taylor, former MoveOn and SEIU organizer. The PCCC, with nearly 1 million members, has run major campaigns for Elizabeth Warren for Senate and other progressive candidates.

Progressive Democrats of America – founded in 2004 to transform the Democratic Party, to represent citizens interests over corporations, operates as a grassroots PAC inside the Democratic Party and with outside groups on peace and justice issues.

Voter Rights Action – has targeted state or local policies limiting the right to vote, recent programs focused on Michigan, Arizona, Alabama, and provides advocacy organization services toolsets via their Action Network. They have a non-profit Corporate Action Network, using their services toolset to target the imbalance between corporations (projects now – Dupont and Walmart), their workers and citizens.