Here are some of the most often asked questions and answers

Q: Why did you start the Progressive Ensign?

A: I started to get engaged in progressive politics with this primary season, and found that the progressive movement had a variety of disparate sites, with no central site of evidence links, policy centers or initiatives. Plus, to move things ahead it is helpful to know how to take action, so I’ve added the Action tab with links to various groups and programs.

Q: Who is the Editor?

A: Let me introduce myself, Patrick Hill, I’ve been thinking in terms of progressive initiatives when I started a company founded on ‘community values’, been a single contributor to Director in marketing, sales, support and recently community management in huge 100k person corporations to startups in SF. I’ve been interested in policy issues reading the NY Times and Washington Post daily, as well as various blogs, and wanted to leverage my experience in industry to make a difference in transformation of the political economy.

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